Do Concert Tickets Get Cheaper Closer to the Date?

Do Concert Tickets Get Cheaper Closer to the Date

With a high demand for tickets to a concert, the price usually rises. However, you can still get a good deal if you buy your tickets during a pre-sale. Also, there are other ways to get cheap concert tickets, such as resale sites. These can save you a lot of money, but you have to know how to time your purchase right to take advantage of the resale market.

Price rises in concert tickets with high demand

Consumer demand for concert tickets is driving up prices. According to Billboard, ticket prices have risen by nearly 20% in North America in the last two years, outpacing inflation numbers. The rise in prices has prompted concert companies to increase prices, citing a variety of factors, including rising costs for the artists, roadies, trucks, gas, and other materials. Additionally, concert producers are changing the way they split profits between artists and venues. Previously, 85% of the profits would go to the artists, but the concert industry is now trying to find other sources of income.

One explanation is that concert production costs are rising as artists ramp up production costs. Ticket prices are rising because musicians and promoters need to cover increasing expenses for gas, personnel, and pyrotechnics. Meanwhile, fans are trying to adjust to the new norm. Professor Josh Greenberg at Carlton University believes consumers are rethinking their behavior. Instead of buying tickets to a big-name concert, they choose smaller shows with cheaper tickets.

Ticketmaster is the middleman between artists and fans. They set the prices of tickets for each section and add fees for the use of their platform. In response to this phenomenon, promoters have increasingly used “platinum” pricing systems, which effectively boost the prices of desired seats in a venue.

Pre-sale tickets are cheaper than regular tickets

When it comes to buying concert tickets, fans are generally eager to purchase them as soon as possible. It’s only natural to want to see your favorite band or artist the first time they go on sale. While that’s certainly the best moment to buy tickets, it’s also not the cheapest. You can find better prices by buying tickets closer to the date.

The main reason why presale tickets are cheaper than regular tickets closer to the event is that the supply is much smaller. Presale tickets are also sold in limited numbers and can be resold later at a higher price. Because there are so few tickets available, people often want to buy as many tickets as possible before the event sells out. This can increase the price, but fans who are eager to attend the event will likely be willing to pay a higher price.

In addition to being cheaper, presale concert tickets are better than general-access tickets. This is because ardent fans and scalpers will buy the best seats. Bad seating can ruin the experience of even the best event. Unfortunately, presale tickets are not cheaper than general-access seating, but it’s still worth it to get the best seats.

Purchasing concert tickets as far in advance as three months before an event can save you a lot of money. Not only can you purchase more tickets, but you’ll also avoid paying tax and service fees that come with regular purchases. In addition, you can avoid the stress of fighting for a good seat.

Stubhub offers great deals on concert tickets

StubHub is a site that allows you to find and purchase tickets for almost any concert or event. They are owned by eBay and have been around since 2000. Their goal is to provide the most convenient and safest way to buy and sell tickets online. The site offers an interactive seating chart, a massive database of over 10 million events in more than 40 countries, and a customer service team that works to ensure every transaction is quick and safe.

Buying tickets closer to the date can save you money. You can save up to 51% off the average price by purchasing tickets a day or two before the event. But buying tickets 30 days before the event means that you risk losing a chance to get a better seat.

Signing up for StubHub’s newsletter can also save you money on tickets. When you sign up, you can receive a promo code for 10 percent off your order. You can use these codes to buy tickets at a discount on StubHub and other ticket sites as well. StubHub also offers big sales throughout the year. During the holidays, the company offers up to 65% off tickets.

Concert tickets are a popular purchase for many people. However, fans often find it difficult to get tickets at the right price. Many fans flock to ticket marketplaces, where they find thousands of tickets at substantially inflated prices. Some even find tickets that are available before the on-sale date. Some fans blame the slow internet and corrupt brokers who use bots to steal tickets.

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