Can I Add My GF to My Car Insurance?

Can I Add My GF to My Car Insurance

Adding a partner to your car insurance policy doesn’t cost you anything. However, your premiums may increase if you’re living together. To find out more, read on. Read this article to learn more about the legality of having two policies in the same household. It also explains what is known as the “permissive use clause.”

Unmarried couples can purchase insurance coverage together – a joint policy enables you to have a single insurance bill

If you’re not married, but living together, you can purchase car insurance coverage as a couple. A joint policy enables you to have a single insurance bill and share the risk. This type of insurance policy also allows you to share a household and drive any car listed on the policy. You can also list another person on your policy if you have only one vehicle.

Unlike married couples, unmarried couples can purchase car insurance coverage as a couple. In most cases, a joint policy is cheaper than separate policies. However, you may need to shop around for a policy if you own different vehicles. You can also opt for separate policies if your car is financed by a third party.

Permissive use clause

The permissive use clause is a type of coverage that helps protect drivers who are rarely spending the vehicle. In other words, it applies to drivers who are not regularly pushing the car beyond ten to fifteen times a year. This coverage also extends to members of the household who drive the vehicle, such as the boyfriend. You should be sure to add the significant other to your insurance policy if you plan to spend the majority of time driving together. You might not want to add a significant other to your car insurance policy if you have a non-driving spouse or partner.

Some automobile insurance policies include a permissive use clause, which applies when the car is rented or lent to a friend. While you are likely to get coverage for any damage or accident caused by the friend or boyfriend, some may not. To avoid this, make sure to read your insurance policy carefully. Some insurers might require you to add a named driver as well.


You may be wondering about the cost of adding a girlfriend or boyfriend to your car insurance policy. There are many benefits to adding your significant other to your car insurance policy, but it can also raise your rates. Insuring two drivers will save you money, but there are some factors you should consider before you do so. Read on to learn more about what you should expect when you add your girlfriend or boyfriend to your car insurance policy.

First, check out your insurance policy’s permissive use clause. If your girlfriend or boyfriend has a bad driving record, she may not qualify. Additionally, if she has little driving experience, it may not be a cost-effective move. However, if your girlfriend or boyfriend drives your car at least fifteen times a year, it’s a good idea to add her to your policy.

Legality of adding a gf after a breakup

If you’re living with your partner and want to bundle your car insurance, you can do so legally. However, if you live separately, you cannot bundle insurance. The law says you can only bundle insurance policies if you share the same address. The same goes for adding a roommate to your policy. The best way to avoid a misunderstanding is to take some time to talk to your insurance agent before adding the other person to your car policy.

One thing to consider when deciding whether to add your GF to car insurance after a breakup is how it will impact your policy. Insurance companies can issue checks to both policyholders, but splitting up will make it difficult to cash them. If you do decide to drop your partner from your policy, you need to write a letter and explain your circumstances. Once you do this, it will be easy to remove your partner from your policy.

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